After the PS Plus, will the PSN of the PS5 arrive on PC?

After the games and the PS Plus, will the features of the PSN (PlayStation Network) come to PC?

Since 2019, Sony’s new strategy has been in motion with the PlayStation brand. It was that year that the first exclusives arrived on PC. Today, we count no less than 11 ports. Recently, Sony launched a new range of premium accessories specially designed for PC gaming. Since June, the PS Plus has undergone a metamorphosis with an optimization of the PC version allowing you to enjoy the experience on this new platform.

What if the PlayStation Network (PSN) also ends up arriving on PC, allowing players to play iconic PlayStation games online? With, why not, advantages exclusive to this PC version of the PSN?

PSN on PC?

©Sony Interactive Entertainment

To accompany the release of PlayStation games on PC, Sony has released a special page for players to ask questions. It is via this FAQ that we had the first element of answer on the plans of Sony in the future, in particular on the arrival of the functionalities of the PSN on PC.

We can thus see that according to Sony, it is not necessary to “have a PSN account to enjoy PlayStation Studios games on PC”. The Japanese firm insists that PC games and consoles (PS4/PS5) are two different products. As a result, we imagine that Sony does not intend to launch the PSN immediately on this new platform and that it will not be possible to play online immediately. This isn’t a big deal since most of the games available today are just single-player experiences. But if PlayStation intends to carry other games, this option will quickly become essential.

Soon, Uncharted The Legacy of Thieves Collection and The Last Of Us Part.I should arrive on PC. Again, these are two single-player games only. On the other hand, these are two titles that have recently arrived on PS5. This shows that the pace of carries will accelerate. It seems unlikely that Sony will attempt to port games with online experiences that aren’t accessible on PC. This would be a good way to harmonize all the content and rewards for players on PC and consoles. Perhaps at the end of the year, with the launch of Stars?


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