Microsoft introduces the Mica effect in Word 2021

Over the months, Microsoft has constantly changed the design of its flagship applications to harmonize them with that of Windows 11.

© slyellow/Shutterstock

This new flagship effect of the operating system will soon be fully compatible with Word 2021. But what about other software in the Office suite?

Mica is coming to Word 2021

Office 2021 will get up to date. In the coming months, Microsoft will roll out the big Windows 11 22H2 update. This substantial update should not fundamentally change the experience of the operating system, but bring some new features, including the return of drag and drop for the taskbar and interface changes. In the meantime, Microsoft is starting to lay the groundwork for its office suite.

© Win11Oberserver via Reddit

Reddit user Win11Oberserver has indeed noticed that the Redmond firm has discreetly updated Word 2021 to introduce the Mica effect. As a reminder, this flagship feature of Windows 11 is a new opaque and dynamic material that subtly tints the background of software windows with the color of the desktop theme and wallpaper. Its deployment on Office 2021 will be visibly progressive, since, for the moment, only Word 2021 is compatible with Mica, and only with a handful of users. As the design change is still in testing, it is most likely to be rolled out widely with Windows 11 22H2.


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