Bitcoin (BTC): Machankura allows you to receive satoshis without an Internet connection

Residents of several African countries can now send and receive Bitcoin (BTC) without an internet connection thanks to Machankura. For this, any mobile phone will do, thanks to which it will be possible to configure an address on the Lightning Network with its number.

Send Bitcoin without Internet thanks to Machankura

Through services developed by Machankura, residents of certain African countries can receive Bitcoin (BTC) without an Internet connection. This is an important step forward because it fills a fundamental need in parts of the world where Bitcoin has a concrete use case.

Indeed, cryptocurrencies have enabled the advent of fund transfers quickly, with ridiculously low fees, and everywhere around the world. For Bitcoin, this is further illustrated in the Lightning Network. However, this condition was only valid for people with an Internet connection, at least until now.

This is how Machankura allows this in the following countries:

  • Ghana;
  • Kenya;
  • Malawi;
  • Namibia;
  • Nigeria;
  • South Africa ;
  • Uganda.

Of course, the service is still young and it will tend to cover more countries as it develops.

USSD technology at the service of democratization

The idea of ​​spending or receiving Bitcoin without an internet connection through Machankura may seem hazy. Yet this relies on a technology that has been around for many years already: Unstructured Supplementary Service Data  (USSD).

Maybe some people remember the time when mobile credit was not unlimited and typing “  #123#  ” on your cell phone allowed you to know the status of your consumption. This instruction is a USSD code. Each USSD code is created in such a way that when we enter it, our phone will perform a well-defined action.

Thus, the following USSD codes allow users in the countries concerned to configure an address on the Lighting Network, which will be linked to their telephone number:

USSD code list to access Manchankura services

Technically speaking, it is therefore not even necessary to have a smartphone to use these features, any mobile will do.

Let’s take the example of a person who left his country to have a better income in order to help his family back home. If the recipients do not have an Internet connection, the use of Machankura will be suitable, if the receiving address has been configured using the USSD code:

Send Bitcoin using Machankura

A sender can thus send satoshis to the telephone number of his choice. If this solution unfortunately does not yet have real educational content to be able to take it easily in hand, there is no doubt that it remains promising. While access to the Web is not acquired across the globe, such initiatives bring real added value to people, for whom cryptocurrencies are much more than an investment vehicle.

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