Your iPhone will show you even more ads

Apple is testing including more ads in its native apps, specifically Maps, Apple Podcasts, and Books.

When we think of the iPhone, we can easily think – wrongly – that unlike some references from China, these smartphones are more expensive than the others and do not include (and will never include) any advertising. However, there are already advertisements in the App Store application.

And everything seems to indicate that the firm will soon strengthen this strategy. Indeed, as Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman notes, Apple is internally testing new ads that show up when searching Maps. Concretely, companies that want to appear at the top of the results could eventually pay Apple to do so.

iPhone: do you know that some native Apple apps are already showing you ads?

Since 2016, developers can already push their application on the App Store by making it appear prominently when certain requests are entered by users. According to Mark Gurman, Maps sponsored results should work exactly the same way.

In addition, explains the journalist, the firm is considering integrating the same type of advertisements in its other native applications, in particular Apple Podcasts and Books. Until now, neither Plans, Apple Podcasts, nor Books included any sponsored or advertising content.

In addition, according to Mark Gurman, Apple should soon strengthen this advertising strategy in the App Store application. Indeed, for the time being, the sponsored results are only displayed in the event of an application search. Nevertheless, Apple is thinking of also integrating sponsored results and advertisements in the “Today” tab.

Advertising inserts could also be displayed directly in the download sheets of each application. It should however be noted that Apple will provide all these advertising contents with a mention under the insert of the result. In the application pages, the advertising content will be highlighted in blue color, under the section “You may also like”.

Mark Gurman believes this advertising foray into iPhones is just the first step in a larger Apple strategy. The TV+ streaming platform could in particular be an excellent candidate for integrating advertisements.


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