Start menu, gestures… what does the new Windows 11 have in store for us, scheduled for September?

The famous Windows 11 22H2 update, normally expected in September, flaunts its novelties.

© Microsoft

Without being impressive, these focus on tweaking the interface, and productivity, but are also very interested in touch devices and accessibility.

A major update that plays it safe

In testing for several months and already downloadable in the form of a preview, the major update called 22H2 will a priori be deployed on September 20.

Among the most important new features, we can mention the presence of application folders in the Start menu (visible via the image in the introduction to this article).

The task manager is also experiencing a redesign of its interface, including a command bar and an efficiency mode to limit the consumption of application resources. It is also getting a makeover by integrating a dark mode.

© Microsoft

The drag and drop of the taskbar will also see improvements in terms of interactivity and readability.

Focus on accessibility and touch

Where the 22H2 update puts more effort, however, is on the accessibility and operation of Windows 11 on touch devices. Regarding the latter, new gestures and new animations will be on the program.

In the field of accessibility, this notably involves an audio description feature intended mainly for the deaf and hard of hearing.

© Microsoft

In the same vein, a new tool will allow you to control your PC exclusively via voice commands, for productivity needs or for people who can hardly use their arms and hands.

The work is not yet finished for Microsoft, which is also working on tabs in the file explorer, as well as on a suggested actions feature. These elements will be integrated later in the initial deployment of the major update 22H2, expected as a reminder around September 20th.

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