Telegram (iPhone): you’ll never guess why Apple blocked the latest update

The boss of Telegram gives some explanations on the reasons that led Apple to block the latest update.

Telegram officials found themselves in a surprising situation when pushing the latest app update to the iPhone App Store. Apple teams have indeed blocked the Telegram update without any explanation for two weeks, forcing Telegram manager Pavel Durov to be publicly moved.

Thanks to the media visibility of the message, the manager finally got a return from the firm. But the reason given for the blocking is surprising: 

“After the media coverage of my last post, Apple finally came back to us and asked us to make our pending Telegram update less drastic by removing the Telemoji – a version standard animated and higher quality emoji, all in vector”,

laments Pavel Durov on Telegram.

Apple blocked the latest Telegram update because it launched a new type of emoji

The founder of the application continues: 

“This is a troubling decision on the part of Apple, as the Telemoji would have brought an entirely new dimension to the company’s low-resolution static emoji and would have significantly enriched the ecosystem.” 

As you can see in the video attached to the post at the end of the article, the Telemoji would have been real progress compared to the classic emoji.

However, the Apple ecosystem is very locked and it was hard to imagine the firm letting a simple developer offer a user experience deviating from the usual codes of the iOS interface. In addition to that, the emoji in question seem to be derived from the emoji drawn by the firm for its devices, which seems to potentially pose problems of intellectual property rights.

Premium subscribers will however benefit from many new features around emojis. 

“We’ve included 10 more emoji packs in today’s update – while allowing any user to upload their own emoji,”  says Pavel Durov. Changes that will be available in Telegram in “a few weeks”…  

if Apple does not yet put its two cents.


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