The Google Pixel 7 could finally be released sooner than expected

While we were only expecting it for the month of October, the sudden appearance of the Pixel 7 in the FCC listings casts doubt. Indeed, these usually arrive a month before the launch of smartphones. Following this logic, Google could therefore plan a release for mid-September, a month earlier than initially announced.

As usual, before the release of a smartphone, leaks about the Pixel 7 have multiplied in recent months. A lot of information has reached us about its technical data sheet, its design, and, of course, its release date. So everything suggests that Google’s next phone will be launched next October. At first glance, nothing could dispute this hypothesis, since the Pixel 6 was also launched in October.

Nothing, or almost. Indeed, an event comes to upset these predictions, namely the arrival of Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in the FCC listings. In addition to the few additional information it reveals, this listing mainly redistributes the cards concerning the release of the smartphone. Traditionally, the FCC adds a device to its catalog about a month before its official release.

The Pixel 7 Could Land As Early As September

In fact, the Pixel 7 could therefore arrive around September 15, 2022, i.e. a month before the date initially announced, if this rule is not deviated from. Of course, this assumption is based precisely on the fact that the smartphone will respect the rule of one month delay, which is far from certain. But, similarly, there is no indication that an earlier-than-expected release is impossible.

As for the information revealed by the listing, we learn that the Pixel 7 Pro will offer UWB (ultra-wideband) technology, which will not be the case with the standard model. As a reminder, Google had adopted the same strategy for its Pixel 6. UWB technology, used for example by AirTags, makes it possible to locate a device very precisely. Unsurprisingly, the FCC also reveals that smartphones will be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible.


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