An Intel Core i5-13600HX and its 14 cores/20 threads is talking about him

With Raptor Lake, would Intel have the idea of ​​significantly accelerating the launch of its “intermediate” HX series processors?

© Intel

Intel is going through a tough time. The launch of the Arc Alchemist GPUs is more complicated than expected, and the competition from AMD on the CPU front is getting stronger every day. But the group has resources…

The 13th generation of the HX series is already in testing

Thus, taking everyone by surprise, the database of the BAPCo CrossMark site presents some results. It is still only a CPU in the so-called “evaluation” phase, but the thing calls out.

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Indeed, according to the information presented, it is a sample of the Intel Core i5-13600HX processor. The model is equipped with 14 cores and 20 threads while the configuration, as a whole, is signed Intel and supported by 32 GB of DDR4-3200.

Unfortunately, we will not know more about the configuration of this mysterious processor. The information relating to the operating frequencies or the TDP is, for example, not specified.

4 months after the release of Alder Lake HX

The release of a “Raptor Lake” evolution of the Intel HX line is not surprising. No, it’s rather the timing that is surprising. Indeed, the launch of the Alder Lake HX series only dates back to last May.

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This period of time seems particularly short and unusual to say the least, but it does not in any way prejudge the launch date of this Core i5-13600HX. It may very well still be delayed for many months and not be released until the end of next year.

Note in passing that despite an identical core/thread design, the Core i5-13600HX appears to be significantly less efficient than the Core i7-12700H on the first performance reports presented on the BAPCom CrossMark site.


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