The Galaxy S23 Ultra will abandon the 108 MP photo sensor for a 200 MP

After using a 108 MP sensor in its Galaxy S Ultra for three years, Samsung is finally ready to take the plunge and use a new sensor with even more megapixels in its next high-end smartphone.

According to a new report from the Korean agency ETNews spotted by Android Authority, it seems very likely that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will not use a 108 MP sensor, unlike previous generations. According to the publication’s sources, Samsung has informed its “key partners” that it will use a 200-megapixel camera in the next generation of its flagship smartphone.

The Korean media, therefore, corroborates the information from leaker Ice Universe, who had already indicated that Samsung was going to switch to a 200 MP sensor for the next generation. Samsung will be far from the first to equip a smartphone with such a sensor since the recent Motorola Edge X30 Pro launched in China a few days ago was the first to be equipped with a 200 MP sensor. Xiaomi will also equip its next 12T Pro with a sensor with as many megapixels.

What Do We Know About The 200 Mp Sensor That Samsung Will Use?

ET News won’t reveal which sensor Samsung will use in its next Galaxy S23 Ultra, but Ice Universe had previously announced that the Korean giant would bet on an HP2 photo sensor, a model that has not yet been released.

As a reminder, Samsung lifted the veil last year on its first 200 MP photo sensor for smartphones, the ISOCELL HP1. Used by Motorola and Xiaomi, this sensor offers 0.64 µm pixels for size of 1/1.22 inch. Samsung also unveiled the ISOCELL HP3, a smaller sensor for mid-range smartphones with a 1/1.4 inch format and 0.56 µm individual pixels.

The ISOCELL HP2 should therefore be a smaller version of the HP1, but larger than the HP3. It’s surprising that Samsung has decided not to bet on its largest sensor. However, it is likely that the Korean giant did not have the space to fit such a camera in its smartphone since it will already uses three other cameras on the back.


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