DualSense Edge: here is the new PS5 controller for pro players

It was during Gamescom 2022 that Sony presented the DualSense Edge, the new controller for the PS5. Find out there now!

©Sony Interactive Entertainment

Since the beginning of the summer, rumors have been circulating about Sony preparing a DualSense “Pro” for its PS5. Last night during Opening Night Live, the Gamescom launch party, PlayStation confirmed its rumors and lifted the lid on the DualSense Edge, its next-generation premium controller. A fully customizable pad, aimed at the most demanding players. Here are the first details.

Here is the DualSense Edge for PS5

It is the very first ultra-customizable and powerful developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Her name? DualSense Edge. A new accessory designed to give you an edge when it comes to gaming. Better comfort, more precision, better fit. A wireless controller that will allow you to create your own unique gaming experience, adapted to your style of play.

The advantages of the DualSense Edge PS5: 

  • Ultra-customizable controls: with this controller, you will be able to design your own configuration. That is, each trigger is adjustable with options to tailor travel distance and dead zones to your preferences. This makes it possible to manually reduce the travel distance of the triggers for faster inputs in competitive FPS games or reduce the dead zone for precise throttle control in racing games.
  • Several saved profiles: once you have configured your controller as you wish, you will be able to save your settings to be able to create new ones. Or, for another member of your family. Or, to create profiles according to the games you are going to play (football, FPS, races, etc.)
  • The user interface on the controller: thanks to the dedicated Fn button, you can easily adjust your configuration while remaining focused on your game. For example, you can switch between profiles, adjust the game volume and the chat balance, etc…
©Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Interchangeable Sleeve Caps and Back Buttons: The DualSense Edge has three types of interchangeable sleeve caps (standard, high dome, and low dome). This will allow you to maintain good stability and a good grip when the controller is in your hands.
  • Replaceable Joysticks: With this new controller, you can fully replace each individual joystick on the pad (replacement joysticks will be sold separately).
  • Built-in DualSense wireless controller features: As with the standard DualSense, this Edge controller retains all the functionality of the base controller. Thus, you will find the system of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

The DualSense Edge comes with a braided USB Type-C cable and a carrying case. The latter allows you to keep your wireless controller and its components together and organized in one place.

For the moment, no price and no release date for this new accessory. Sony is expected to reveal more information in the coming weeks.


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