StakinSat Bitcoin (BTC) Savings Now Available From Ledger Live

On the sidelines of Surfin’ Bitcoin 2022 at the Biarritz casino, Ledger and StackinSat announced a partnership between the two companies. It is now possible to use StackinSat’s BTC recurring savings services directly from the Ledger Live application.

StackinSat’s DCA comes to Ledger Live

StackinSat, the company behind the Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP) and organizer of the Surfin’ Bitcoin 2022 event, has unveiled a partnership with hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger.

During this intervention at the Biarritz casino, Ledger informed that its Ledger Live application now directly supports the services of StackinSat. This novelty will allow the company to increase its reach around the world, while simplifying the implementation of a Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), as its CEO Jonathan Herscovici points out:

 New StackinSat customers acquired from Ledger Live will no longer have to manually enter their Bitcoin receiving address when creating a BSP, which greatly streamlines the process of recurring purchases […]. It should be noted that customers will also be able to buy and keep Bitcoin in StackinSat’s vault if they wish, leaving the custody responsibility […] to StackinSat. 

For his part, Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger, also expressed his belief in this value proposition:

We are excited to offer StackinSat directly from Ledger Live. The automatic recurring purchases feature on Bitcoin has been highly requested by our European customers. DCA is the easiest and most effective investment method to gain long-term exposure to Bitcoin, which I consider to be the best store of value in the market today. 

This innovation is therefore the ideal solution to allow automatic investment associated with the optimal security of a hardware wallet.

Ledger’s Web3 projects

Last month, Ledger announced a similar novelty by integrating FTX services into its application. Other projects such as its marketplace of non-fungible tokens (NFT) show a desire to develop beyond hardware wallets alone.

We, therefore, asked Ledger if the company aspires to become a kind of Web3 hub, where it would be possible to access major applications from a single place and in complete security.

Carl Anderson, VP of Client Engineering at Ledger, therefore shared his insights to Cryptoast:

Security is the basis of the future of Web3. With Ledger Live, we will create the most secure portal for anyone to interact with the Web3, whether buying, selling or ‘staking’ crypto, storing their NFTs or even creating securely new NFTs with our partners (brands and artists) via [LEDGER] Market. 

He also discussed the ongoing development of the Ledger Connect browser extension. This will allow in particular a clear signature, when authorizing a smart contract, thus greatly improving security:

Ledger Connect, our new multi-blockchain browser extension with “Web 3 Check” technology, will make it easier than ever to interact securely with Web3 applications. Our commitment to safety is unwavering and we’re excited to continue to make it a seamless experience . 

The ambitious development of StackinSat

While StackinSat already has 12,000 customers, it now wants to take it to the next level. Ledger Live should also offer interesting leverage thanks to its 1.5 million users. Now that the platform is also available in English, international development will be easier.

Concretely, anyone with a bank account that supports SEPA transfers can choose to invest with StackinSat. Payments by credit card, as well as pre-financing of your account to invest without bank delay, are also part of the features to come.

We also wanted to know more about acquiring new customers, so we asked for feedback from Victor Le Barbier, Chief Commercial and Partnerships Officer at StackinSat:

How StackinSat attract people who don’t know the crypto universe?

We are taking advantage of Surfin’Bitcoin, for example, which is taking place right now. This Thursday was open to “no-coiners” and a treasure hunt in the city of Biarritz allowed passers-by to flash 10 QR codes, redirecting them to our website. Thanks to a partnership with the Biarritz Olympique rugby team, we are offering 1500 places for the opening match of Pro D2 tonight against Oyonnax, each new registrant will be offered a place. 

This morning, 200 to 300 people had already flashed the various QR codes. Victor Le Barbier also describes the setting up of a lucrative and original attraction during the event:

In addition, we created the first “surf-to-earn” contest. Like a mechanical rodeo found in fairgrounds, it’s about staying as long as possible on a surfboard in order to earn rewards in satoshis. 

Additionally, StackinSat conducted a joint experiment with the University of Pau on payments via the Lightning Network. The first results of this work must be presented on Saturday, August 27 in the morning at Surfin’ Bitcoin.

The company also specifies that a new fundraiser is in preparation to finance its projects to develop payment solutions in BTC. It is thanks to such initiatives that Bitcoin will benefit from concrete application cases in our daily lives.


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