Android 13: what new features are still to come?

If the system has been available on Pixel smartphones for a few days, many features should still arrive in the coming months.

Android 13 was put online during the month of August 2022, but Google is not done with the development of the latest version of its mobile operating system.

An update still incomplete and only available on Pixel smartphones

If the lucky owners of a Google Pixel 4 and above can already benefit from the improvements made by the publisher to its OS, users of Android smartphones designed by OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others will have to wait for manufacturers to update their own systems, which will probably take several months for some models.

Android 13 is not the most spectacular update designed by Google, which this year was content to improve the ergonomics of its system in small touches while bringing some refinements to some of its features.

Yet Google still has some under the hood and is planning new improvements for both smartphones and tablets compatible with Android 13 for the next few months.

Some improvements to make it easier to use your smartphone but also your Android tablet

Google will first review the settings menu related to security and privacy. The manufacturer will merge the Security Hub, introduced with the Pixel 6, with the privacy settings so as to offer all the options for managing your Google account or the permissions granted to applications on one page. Color cards will catch the eye of the user and invite him to act quickly to protect his personal information. Notifications will also be sent to offer advice and strengthen the security of their data.

Google will also rework the search field of the Pixel application launcher. A few months ago, the firm announced that it wanted to unify this area in order to search for both apps and information on Google. Present in the betas of Android 13, this option had disappeared when the software was released, but an update should reintroduce it.

Android 13 will also benefit from better compatibility between different devices. The web giant gives as an example the possibility of responding to a message received on its Android smartphone in a notification received on its Chromebook. You can also copy an image, a video, or even a URL on a smartphone to paste it onto your tablet transparently.

Finally, as announced at Google I/O 2022, Android 13 will pay particular attention to tablets with applications with a completely redesigned interface for large-screen devices. This latest novelty, however, should not be available before the launch of Google’s Pixel Tablet, which is not scheduled for release before 2023.


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