Intel Raptor Lake: Z790 motherboards will go further in DDR4/DDR5 support

The 13th generation of Intel processors will be accompanied by new chipsets and, logically, new motherboards.

© Intel

At the end of September, Intel should therefore unveil the generation of Raptor Lake processors during the Intel Innovation event. The American should take the opportunity to present the new Z790 chipset which will improve memory support.

Beyond official specs

At the release of Alder Lake, its 12th generation, Intel had chosen to turn to a new RAM, DDR5. However aware that users would not necessarily follow it, the founder had decided to keep the possibility of exploiting DDR4.

© Videocardz

A choice that fell to users of course, but also to motherboard manufacturers, who had to decide which bars to accept on which models of the motherboard. On the majority of high-end cards, we took the opportunity to go beyond the official specifications.

Thus, while Alder Lake officially supported DDR4-3200 and DDR-4800, MSI for example accepted up to DDR4-5200 on its most expensive models. On the DDR5 side, it was DDR5-6666. Manufacturers will do the same on Raptor Lake.

Up to DDR5-6800

Our colleagues from Videocardz have obtained information about the most powerful models of MSI. In the management of DDR5, it would then be a question of climbing up to DDR5-6800 but beware, on a single bar. With two, you would have to make do with DDR5-6400.

© Videocardz

The same type of limitation for DDR4-based models since Raptor Lake will always offer the possibility of remaining on this type of memory. There, it would be talking about supporting DDR4-5333 if only one stick is in place and DDR4-4800 with two sticks.

In both cases, it is therefore always a question of going beyond the official technical specifications of the Raptor Lake generation. From the information we have, it would be satisfactory with DDR4-3600 and DDR5-5200.


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