XGIMI integrates its video projector into a ceiling light, a very good idea (on paper)

The XGIMI brand presents a new video projector that has the particularity of being integrated into a ceiling light: the XGIMI Magic Lamp. A counter-current model of the XGIMI Halo and Halo+ which rely on their nomadism.


For XGIMI, the Magic Lamp combines three elements in one: a ceiling lamp, a video projector, and an audio system.

Several interests

This device has several advantages, according to the brand. For starters, it takes the hassle out of where to place the projector in the home, saving space.

Then, it provides optimal safety for family members and is less restrictive when using it. Indeed, as XGIMI points out, a home projector creates an area that should be avoided when streaming. With the Magic Lamp, no more problems with children or pets running past, for example.

Finally, it is more debatable, but this ceiling projector clashes less in interior decoration, even if everything depends on the said decoration.

Technical characteristics

For the technical aspect, the company has for the moment communicated relatively few details. It is simply known that the Magic Lamp displays a Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) image from 100 inches (245 cm) at a distance of 1.5 m, and this can be freely adjusted up and down. the bottom with an offset of 1 meter. The maximum luminosity is 900 cd/m2, and the lighting of the lamp mobilizes LED diodes.

Regarding the audio system, the press release evokes a sound system signed by Harman Kardon. It would be two 8 W speakers with Dolby Audio and DTS certification.

Installing a projector in a ceiling light can be a problem for connecting peripherals via a cable. Fortunately, an optional wireless connection system would be offered. Otherwise, this Android TV model can still stream content from streaming apps via AirPlay or Chromecast. We can’t confirm support for voice assistants, XGIMI simply mentions “numerous IoT integration options“.

Obviously, the concept appeals. In fact, XGIMI explains that its Magic Lamp is inspired by a model launched in 2018 in Japan. The latter has sold more than 200,000 units in this market alone since that date, which has placed it at the forefront of home projectors for four consecutive years, according to XGIMI. The company has therefore decided to offer the XGIMI Magic Lamp for sale in China, and soon in the rest of the world.

Source: XGIMI press release


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