iOS: a surprise update for many “old” iPhones

You’re not dreaming, your “old” iPhone running iOS 12 has just received a firmware update.

© Unsplash/Michael Weidemann

On the side of Apple, we are actively preparing another highly anticipated return to school, that of the new iPhones. Indeed, we now know that the Cupertino giant will hold a keynote on September 7, during which we should discover the brand new iPhone 14 range. New iPhones will obviously run on iOS 16, the brand new version of the apple operating system.

And suddenly iOS 12.5.6 pops up

However, today it is the holders of “old” iPhones who are in the news since many are those who have a brand new firmware update. An update for all smartphones that have been forced to stay on iOS 12. Indeed, Apple is currently deploying a certain iOS 12.5.6, which corrects (among other things) a critical flaw.

A firmware update that is not intended for the latest iPhones, but for older smartphones, namely the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, not to mention the iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3, and finally the iPod Touch. All are likely to be affected by a “zero-day” flaw CVE-2022-32893, concerning WebKit, which could allow a third party to execute malicious code. A bug is now fixed.

On the side of Apple, we obviously invite the users concerned to apply this new update for iOS 12 as soon as possible. Remember that the American giant had deployed a major update for iOS 15 in mid-August, coming there also urgently fix two potentially critical flaws on these latest smartphones.

For the record, remember that the iPhone 5S has launched on the market almost 9 years ago to the day, an eternity for the smartphone market, which does not prevent Apple from continuing to offer new updates. up to date. Note that Samsung has also recently deployed an update to several million “old” Galaxy smartphones, in order to correct a problem related to the GPS sensor.


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