Samsung: a cyberattack puts users’ personal data at risk

Samsung claims a hacker managed to steal information in a cyberattack that occurred “at the end of July”. This new hack of Samsung’s database has potentially exposed valuable data about the company’s customers.

Samsung Electronics revealed last night that it suffered a data breach in which hackers accessed some of its customers’ information. Samsung sent an email alert to consumers affected by the breach, which occurred at the end of July. “On or around August 4, 2022, we determined, as part of our ongoing investigation, that certain customers’ personal information was impacted,” the company said.

This massive data theft comes shortly after other companies have also had to deal with cyberattacks. We think in particular of Microsoft, which lost 37 GB of sensitive data at the beginning of the year. Last month, hackers even claimed to have stolen the personal data of a billion people.

What Personal Data Were The Hackers Able To Steal?

Samsung did not disclose how much customer data was accessed. However, the company said the hackers were able to steal personal information such as customer names, contact details, demographics, dates of birth, and product registration data.

While a breach is never a good thing, more private and vital information like social security, credit card, and debit card numbers were not compromised. At this time, it is not yet known how many customers have been affected, but only consumers in the United States would be affected.

However, in an FAQ, Samsung states that if you received an email from the company about the breach, then you are affected. “If we determine during our investigation that the incident warrants further notification, we will contact you accordingly.”

The South Korean giant said it had taken steps to secure the affected systems, had used a leading external cybersecurity company, and was coordinating its action with law enforcement. It’s good to see Samsung react quickly after discovering the flaw. The company already had to deal with another 190 GB of data theft earlier this year, so it’s time for the Korean giant to review its security protocols.


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