Samsung announces the end of unconnected appliances

From the end of 2023, almost all Samsung home appliances will have Wi-Fi. The aim is to reduce the impact of these devices on the planet since Samsung’s smart features include the SmartThings Energy platform which monitors and reduces energy consumption (and therefore carbon emissions).

Samsung is number one in the smartphone market and therefore it is mainly for Galaxy devices that we know the Korean brand. However, it is present in several other markets, including household appliances.

And this week, at IFA 2022, Samsung is announcing the end of unconnected appliances. Indeed, although the company has offered washing machines, refrigerators, and other connected appliances for years, it also continued to offer more basic products without Wifi or artificial intelligence.

For Samsung, household appliances will be fully connected from the end of 2023

But soon that time will be over. And Samsung will only sell connected devices. In a press release, it announces that by the end of next year, almost all Samsung household appliances will be connected via WiFi.

Samsung’s goal is not to spy on you, but to reduce the impact of its products on the planet. Indeed, like other companies, it now shows a desire to be a good student in terms of ecology.

“As a first step in realizing our vision of sustainability, Samsung Electronics is developing products with the goal of being labeled the world’s No. 1 energy-efficient home appliance,” the Korean giant said. And smart functions would help achieve this goal.

Samsung already offers the SmartThing Energy platform. Connected household appliances, it helps the user to monitor and reduce their energy consumption, as well as their carbon footprint. The Korean giant also offers a function called AI Energy Mode which can be activated to save energy.

At first, you will still be able to buy older, unconnected devices from Samsung. But the announcement clearly marks the beginning of the end for unconnected appliances.

When Samsung tries to go green

Among other announcements from Samsung, as part of this effort to reduce the impact of its home appliances, there are also partnerships with other companies. For example, Samsung is partnering with clothing brand Patagonia to reduce microplastic emissions into the ocean.

“With the internationally renowned eco-responsible clothing brand Patagonia, Samsung Electronics has tackled the problem of microplastics emitted into the sea. Sharing our expertise and know-how in clothing materials and washing technologies, we have developed new solutions that can reduce microplastic emissions from laundry,” says Samsung. Moreover, this novelty does not only concern new devices but also existing products (via a software update).

Also remember that on smartphones, Samsung has also made some efforts to reduce its impact on the planet, for example by supporting Galaxy smartphones for longer so that they can be used for longer periods of time (to reduce electronic waste).


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