Actor Bill Murray robbed of $186,000 in ETH after selling NFTs

An act of charity that will have been expensive. American actor Bill Murray saw 119 Ethers (ETH) disappear from his wallet following the organization of a charity event around non-fungible tokens (NFTs). What happened?

Bill Murray’s ETH stolen

The charity event took place last Wednesday, and it raised funds for the organization Chive Charities, which helps families of veterans and emergency services. It had been a success, with an NFT dubbed “Beer with Bill Murray” selling for $185,000 in ETH.

But the success was short-lived. Bill Murray’s personal wallet, which contained extensive collections, saw funds disappear within hours. The attacker stole the 119.2 ETH stored there.

The security team, however, allowed Bill Murray to keep his NFTs, including one from a collection of Damien Hirst, two CryptoPunks, a Pudgy Penguin, and a Cool Cat. The non-fungible tokens of the charity event could also be protected.

A complaint was filed, and Chainalysis called to the rescue

In total, the equivalent of $186,000 (at the current price of ETH) was stolen. The funds would have been sent to an address linked to the Binance exchange platform. It’s unclear who the striker is, but Bill Murray’s teams have confirmed they have filed a complaint. The analysis firm Chainalytics will participate in the search to find the funds, and identify the person.

However, the case will have a rather happy ending. One of the people who participated in the auction has already donated 120 ETH to Chive Charities, to replace the funds that were stolen.

All of this goes to show that celebrity or not, no one is immune to theft. To learn more about how to protect your funds, do not hesitate to consult our guide to securing and storing your cryptocurrencies.


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