Apple could launch new AirPods Pro with the iPhone 14

New AirPods Pro are expected on the Cupertino side on September 7, the supposed presentation day of the iPhone 14.

irP This Wednesday, September 7, Apple invited its community for a very special evening. The Apple brand should indeed take advantage of this conference to present the brand new iPhone 14 as well as the 3 expected versions of the phone. Unlike last year, the Mini model should no longer be part of it, replaced by a “Max” or “Plus” version, the name still to be defined.

iPhone 14, Apple Watch 9…

But this great evening of presentation, if it will be turned around the iPhone, will not only talk about the brand’s latest smartphone. The Cupertino company plans to launch other products during this same keynote. Expected for months, the new Apple Watch should be presented by Tim Cook’s teams this Wednesday.

According to the latest rumors about it, the Apple smartwatch will be able to have better heart rate detection. As presented at the last edition of the WWDC in June, the arrival of WatchOS 9 will make it possible to calculate the “cardiac boards” of each individual to improve sports training.

A very important piece of data that will have a big role to play in Apple Fitness+, is Apple’s online sports course service. Finally, Apple could take advantage of the event to present an Apple Watch Pro, a model at more than 1000 euros of which we still know very little.

AirPods Pro to end the evening

If we bet on these two products to be the only actors of this evening a few days ago, a last-minute rumor suggests that Apple would have “one more thing” to present this Wednesday.

Indeed, the Cupertino company is about to present a new AirPods Pro. According to the very well-informed journalist Mark Gurman, the apple brand will (finally) update its high-end wireless headphones.

In all likelihood, the new AirPods Pro should not really look like the first generation, released in 2019. Indeed, Apple would bet on a product with a more sober design. The stem risks disappearing completely to make way for a round in-ear earphone, as there are already from Samsung or Google for example.

With a brand new H1 processor, the headphones should be technically much better. Analysts expect longer battery life and a wider listening frequency range. The AirPods Pro should in particular be able to support the “lossless” formats recently launched by Apple.


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