Google Pixel 6: Users hope the September update will finally fix battery bugs and overheating

If the arrival of Android 13 has generally gone smoothly for most users, it seems however that owners of Google Pixel 6 are not all in the same boat.

While the Pixel 7 Pro is already roaming the wild, some Google Pixel users currently have other priorities in mind. Indeed, since the switch to the new version of Android, many smartphones are now experiencing battery problems…

Google Pixel 6: the first victim of Android 13?

On August 13, Google officially began the gradual launch of the new version of its operating system. If we are already starting to talk about its successor, we will first have to start by making sure that everything is working correctly on the Android 13 side. Indeed, for obscure reasons, the Google Pixel 6 does not really seem to enjoy the transition.

As reported to us by the Phone Arena site, a growing number of Google Pixel 6 users are complaining about a specific problem affecting their device. Since installing Android 13 on their phone, it turns out that it starts to overheat at a speed that is, to say the least… astonishing. This overheating has a direct impact on the autonomy of the battery, to the point that it would have seen its capacity halved. But then, what solution is there to overcome this problem?

What alternatives while waiting for the patch?

According to some feedback shared via Reddit, updating the Google Play Store could be the first track. However, this does not seem to work for everyone. Among the other known existing solutions which have borne fruit with certain customers, there is the fact of uninstalling certain applications (Facebook, Messenger, Samsung Health, etc.), emptying the cache of the applications, or even proceeding directly to a restoration Pixel factory settings.

Obviously, these are only temporary solutions until Google deploys a patch to fix this annoying problem. Every first Monday of the month, the Mountain View company has just made a habit of publishing an update. If this one seems to be a little late, let’s hope however that it will at least bring with it the miracle cure long awaited by the owners of Google Pixel 6.


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