Galaxy Z Flip 4: Samsung’s latest ad humiliates the iPhone (again)

In its all-new Galaxy Z Flip 4 commercial, Samsung (once again) hilariously pokes fun at its favorite rival: Apple’s iPhone.

© Samsung

For many years already, Samsung and Apple have been waging a merciless (and actually rather amusing) battle, the Korean giant has taken to sending various spades to its American competitor (but nevertheless partner). While the Cupertino company has just lifted the veil on its new iPhone 14 range, Samsung is posting an advertisement to promote its Galaxy Z Flip 4, while obviously tackling its famous competitor, in a rather subtle and very funny way.

Samsung taunts Apple (again) with its new ad

A few days ago, Samsung recalled in the video the innovations brought by its smartphones, recalling that “ this same innovation will not arrive soon in an iPhone, but that it is present in the Galaxy range ”. Today, it is an advertising spot dedicated to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 that is talking about him, with a video called “Join the flip side”.

The latter follows the adventures of young Elena, who is desperately trying to forget her friend’s new Galaxy Z Flip 4, which “literally folds in half”. Elena then declares “I will never switch to Samsung, I love my phone”. Obviously, we understand very quickly which phone the young Elena never seems to want to part with.

However, everyday life takes care of constantly reminding this same Elena of the foldable design of the Galaxy Z Flip 4. A folding chair, a sandwich, a fridge that opens and closes, a yoga position, a book …everything is an excuse to recall the design of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, so when she wakes up, Elena immediately grabs her trusty iPhone to order the latest smartphone from Samsung.

Perfect timing for this new Samsung campaign, which is intended (for once) to be very discreet with respect to the spade sent to Apple. Also, many are those who comment very positively on this new promotional spot, some believing that it is the best advertisement ever offered by Samsung, while others, although Apple fans for some, do not hesitate. to recognize the funny and innovative side of this advertisement.


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