Google will also offer a Pro version of its tablet, but it’s not for now

A few months after announcing its big return to the world of tablets with its Pixel Tablet, Google is already working on a Pro version.

It remains to be seen when it will be released.

Pixel Tablet: an accessible tablet…

Last May, during its Google I/O conference, the Mountain View company unveiled the Pixel Tablet, marking its return to the Android tablet market. The company had in fact abandoned this sector for a few years and had hinted that it would not return to it. New proof that you should never say never.

This Pixel Tablet, scheduled for 2023, will be intended above all for very general public use. If we have very little information about it, however, we have some elements allowing us to imagine that it will not be intended to upset the codes of tablets on the Android side. The camera is said to be similar to that on board the Pixel 6a and the company would like its device to integrate intermediate hardware in order to keep costs as low as possible.

But rest assured. If you were hoping for a more technologically advanced tablet from Google, know that the company’s plans should not be limited to this Pixel Tablet alone. A new model, more evolved, would indeed be in the boxes.

…while waiting for a Pro model?

Today, Apple is the undisputed leader in the tablet market. The Cupertino company has undeniable know-how in terms of devices intended for professionals (but not only), the iPad Pro being an absolute reference in the field. However, this does not seem to scare Google. The manufacturer, which timidly took its first steps into the world of mid-range smartphones, quickly managed to reveal the extent of its talents in terms of high-end. A feat that the giant intends to repeat with the tablets?

The information comes to us directly from 9to5Google, which has unearthed evidence of the existence of another Pixel Tablet model codenamed “tangorpro”. As a reminder, the tablet announced last May bore the name “tangor“, therefore leaving very little room for doubt as to the fact that this new code name refers to a Pixel Pro. To support this, 9to5Google adds that the name often used for the Pixel Tablet is none other than “ t6 ” and that the new Android 13 beta includes references to a certain “ t6pro ”… Did you say coincidence?

Characteristics and date still unknown

As for the technical characteristics of this Pixel Tablet Pro, we will have to settle for rumors and speculation for the moment. However, we can easily imagine that this model will have more RAM or even a better screen. Finally, remember, last June we mentioned the possibility that the Pixel Tablet could compete with the iPad after finding support for USI ( Universal Stylus Initiative ) support, making it possible to make the use of styluses universal. Thus, in a logic of optimizing productivity, this accessory could well be the ideal tool for a Pro tablet.

For the time being, we have no precise information regarding the release date. But still according to our colleagues from 9to5Google, it could be scheduled as early as next year (probably not before the end of the year). Anyway, the firm gives us an appointment on October 6 for its Made By Google conference. Perhaps we can hope to see some surprises there?


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