This AI writes hilarious LinkedIn statuses

An addictive generator and worth the detour.

Its creation delighted Internet users throughout the summer. Tom Orbach, a marketer, has developed a LinkedIn post generator called Viral Post Generator. On this website, artificial intelligence compiles social media posts for you. They make fun of some users of this platform who tend to make tons of small events in their daily lives in order to showcase themselves.

An addictive generator that makes fun of some LinkedIn users

Addictive, this tool however has a size limit public, since it is only available in English. You can, however, use online translators to take advantage of this.

To develop his Viral Post Generator, Tom Orbach had his AI analyze more than 100,000 LinkedIn posts that had gone viral. Concretely, each user only needs to say what he did today and choose a cringe level, and the generator takes care of the rest.

© viralpostgenerator

We tested the platform by telling it that this morning we drank a glass of orange juice. Here is the result :

After a year of trying, I drank orange juice today. I really had a glass of orange juice! !! Thinking about it is fun, actually doing it is life changing! I look forward to seizing the opportunities that come my way. I can’t wait to follow my dreams. What does the future hold for us? I hope I will manage to drink again and again.

After having turned a lot on Twitter throughout the month of August, this generator caught the eye of the American advertising agency Taplio, which specialized in LinkedIn content. The latter bought this tool from its creator. If you feel inspired or want to make your loved ones laugh, you can also test this free LinkedIn post generator by going here.


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