Dall-E AI is now able to see beyond the frame of famous paintings

Have you ever tried to imagine what could be behind the most famous works of art? Maybe you never really thought about it. That’s why an AI can now take care of it for you…

© Open AI

The world we live in has definitely not finished surprising us.

See beyond the tables, it is possible with Dall-E

If you are unfamiliar with Dall-E, it is an AI program capable of creating realistic images and art from textual description. It has a new original feature called “Outpainting” allowing you to visualize what is hidden beyond what you see in the paintings. Just that.

In order to demonstrate the full scope of the tool, here is the famous painting The Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Johannes Vermeer. While the original work only revealed the girl’s face, Outpainting gives it life by imagining a frame and an environment. Here she finds herself projected right in the middle of a rustic kitchen that you can admire down to the smallest detail – a result that is impressive, to say the least. The girl with the pearl seems in perfect harmony with the elements of the decor.

© Open AI

The tool does not stop there since it takes into consideration the lighting, shadows, reflections, textures and colors of the original file in order to offer the most faithful final rendering possible. Outpainting is only in its infancy and could well upset the codes of art in the future.


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