“GTA 6”: Hacker leaks alleged gameplay scenes

In the “GTA” forums, a user spreads supposedly authentic gameplay from “GTA 6”. He claims to have captured the files from Rockstar’s Slack channel.

Screenshot from “GTA 5” (Image: Rockstar Games)

Alleged gameplay scenes from the upcoming open-world action game “GTA 6” have appeared online. The screenshots and videos were provided by a user named “teapotuberhacker” who posted the files to the unofficial GTA forums on the gtaforums.com website.

The scenes look authentic, you can clearly see the Rockstar identity: The attack on a waffle restaurant seen in the video is reminiscent of comparable passages from “Red Dead Redemption 2”, the latest game from Rockstar Games. Apparently, you can see an unfinished development stage with NPCs that are not fully textured and numerous debug overlays. The videos can currently be found on YouTube and are circulating on Twitter.

Based on the Windows version WIN 10.0 v1909 shown in the video, users speculate that the scenes shown could have been created in 2019. English voice output is already available, which also bears the distinctive Rockstar signature.

There are therefore hardly any doubts about the authenticity of the scenes – especially since they confirm many details from previous reports. According to the Bloomberg report from July, a protagonist will be playable in “GTA 6” for the first time. She reportedly has a Latino background and will be playable as one of two characters. Both protagonists can be seen in the unofficial videos.

Rockstar Games has only confirmed work on “GTA 6” so far, there is no real announcement or even official game scenes. The leak should be correspondingly annoying for the studio, which released the most successful entertainment product of all time with “GTA 5”.

It is currently unclear how the user “teapotuberhacker” was able to capture the videos. The user himself writes that he stole the files from Rockstar Games’ Slack channel. He announces possible further leaks – possibly including source code from “GTA 6”. An explosive detail: the user who posted the screenshots and videos of “GTA 6” online claims to be responsible for the recent attack on Uber. That is not confirmed. Rockstar Games has not yet commented on the hack.

According to a Bloomberg report, Rockstar Games has changed its way of working for “GTA 6”: Many temporary workers have been given permanent jobs, and additional benefits have been introduced for the mental health of employees. In addition, several executives whose behavior was objected to by employees were reportedly fired. The pay gap between men and women is said to have been reduced.


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