Valve: Steam gets extended top seller statistics

Valve revised the statistics for its gaming platform Steam. It is particularly interesting to look at other countries.

(Image: Casimiro PT/

In the future, Valve will provide better information about which games on the Steam platform are currently popular and are selling well: Extended real-time statistics should provide quick information about which games are currently generating the most sales on Steam. The data is also processed prettier than before.

In its top seller statistics, Steam now indicates how many places a title has improved compared to the previous week and how many weeks a game has already been in the top sellers. A look at the current top seller charts shows The upcoming shooter “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” has moved up 37 places to number 1 – this is probably due to the fact that pre-orderers have recently been trying out a beta allowed to. Meanwhile, the game “Slime Rancher 2” went straight to number 2 in the top seller charts in its first week.

The Steam Deck, which has been at the top of the top seller charts based on total sales since the end of June, primarily because of its high sales price, has apparently been removed from the analysis by Valve at the start of the new statistics.

It is now also possible to switch back and forth between different countries. There you can see that the sales charts in Germany are more or less in line with the world trends, while for the football simulation “FIFA 23” (6th place in Germany) you have to scroll down to 42nd place in the United States. A look at the Russian sales charts reminds us that many publishers no longer offer their games there.

Up to 2005, the sales charts can now also be viewed as a weekly evaluation. So you can click through the video game history week after week and understand past trends.

The Steam sales charts are considered an important indicator of what’s trending in the gaming industry. However, the statistics are not completely exhaustive: some of the most popular video games of all – such as “Minecraft”, “League of Legends” and “Fortnite” – are not available on Steam and can therefore not be recorded in the statistics.


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