Apple: iPhone 15 Pro Max could be called “Ultra” – rumors about the October event

M1 Ultra, Apple Watch Ultra – and now iPhone 15 Ultra? Apple is reportedly remodeling its brands. There is also news from the planned October event.

Apple has so far used the term “Ultra” in two particularly high-end products: the highest level of development of the M1 processor in the Mac Studio and the new extreme sports Apple Watch, which was presented this month. According to a report, in addition to the M1 Ultra and Apple Watch Ultra, a first iPhone could soon be given the marketing term: As Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman reports, Apple is considering making the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max an iPhone 15 Ultra to make its most expensive iPhone better to rewrite.

Apple’s current iPhone lineup is currently relatively clearly named: There’s the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus (from October), iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Plus model and the Pro Max both have 6.7-inch screens, 14 and 14 Pro every 6.1 inches. The rumor mill initially thought that the iPhone 14 Plus could simply be called the iPhone 14 Max by Apple, but apparently, Apple saw too much risk of confusion with the most expensive Pro model. With the transition to “Ultra”, Apple would have even more sales opportunities. The new line-up would then be iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus (should Apple continue to offer the form factor ), iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Ultra. There would then no longer be a “Max” on the iPhone.

Gurman also stated that he expects the iPhone 15 to switch to USB-C and with it a revised design. There had already been speculation that Apple would use its Dynamic Island for all iPhone 15 models. The latter would also be good because developers would then be required to adapt their apps for the UI area. The “island” is currently only available on the Pro models of the iPhone 14.

Over the weekend, Bloomberg also reported that Apple is allegedly considering not holding its own October event after all. Instead, it is conceivable that the group will simply announce new products such as the revised Mac mini with M2 SoC, MacBook Pro models with M2 SoC (14 and 16 inches), and new iPad Pro variants (also with M2) in a press release. One reason for this could be that the new models are comparatively “boring” since they all only receive one SoC update; supposedly even the Mac mini should remain in the outdated look. However, a revised iPad 10 with a revised design including USB-C is also said to be on the agenda.

However, there is another computer for which a separate event would actually be worthwhile: the version of the Mac Pro equipped with an Apple silicon chip for the first time. The industry has been waiting for this model for a long time – and therefore Apple had promised to complete its ARM switch this year, the company would actually have to do it again. It is particularly interesting here how Apple solves the issue of expansion cards; so far, M1 and M2 machines are not compatible with PCIe hardware, so no eGPUs run via Thunderbolt. Journalist Gurman now believes that the new Mac Pro will not be launched until 2023.


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