Crypto-crime: law enforcement agencies trained by… Binance

The Binance platform has since last year significantly revised its strategy. After having existed in legal limbo, it is now reaching out to regulators and governments. His latest initiative is to offer training for law enforcement, to educate them about crypto-crime.

Law enforcement trained by Binance

Announced by Binance this week, the training program aims to “help law enforcement detect cyber and financial crimes, as well as provide assistance in prosecuting malicious actors who exploit digital assets.”

The initiative had already been initiated this year, but Binance had not officially revealed it. The workshops offered to law enforcement are led in particular by the Binance investigation team. The latter is responsible for investigating and gathering information when criminals use part of Binance’s services.

Training has already been given in several countries – including France. They make it possible to reach a public that is sometimes poorly educated in this relatively new sector. The demand is high, according to Tigran Gambaryan, head of surveys at Binance:

As more regulators, public and private law enforcement look to cryptocurrencies, we are seeing a growing demand for training to help educate and combat cryptocurrencies crypto crimes. 

Teaching cryptocurrencies to the police

The basic training lasts one day, and it covers basic information on the blockchain as well as cryptocurrencies. Other training is also offered. In addition to Binance teams, lessons are given by analysts and agents who have helped bring down major illegal platforms, such as Silkroad and Hydra.

Another point of importance for Binance: the training also includes a section on the investigation methods developed by the company. This is a significant advantage for the company, which thus ensures that its methods are understood by the forces of order.


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