A Russian drone rushes on a Ukrainian drone and misses miserably

Two drones, Ukrainian and Russian, voluntarily collided in the sky of Donbass. The Russian apparatus ended up in a vacuum. This is the first recorded video where the operators seek to directly neutralize themselves in the air.

It’s closer to a failed “headbutt” than a robot fight. The fact remains that Serhiy Prytula, Ukrainian TV star and head of a foundation to help his country, posted on Twitter this October 13, 2022, the video of the first clash between amateur drones on a front of war. The activist specifies that the first device, used by the Ukrainian army, was bought and sent thanks to donations. The Ukrainian, like the Russian, uses a Mavic 3 model from the DJI brand in this excerpt.

The Ukrainian drone at the origin of the video films is its equivalent, the two observe each other until the Russian operator tries to unbalance his adversary by rushing at him. At the height of the attack, it is the Russian apparatus that breaks its propellers in its attack to finish in the vacuum. The shock takes place in the sky of Donbass, in the suburbs of Donestk, a city occupied by the army of the Kremlin.


The two devices are mainly used for reconnaissance, espionage, or calibration missions for a missile strike. Did the Russians try to intercept the Ukrainian drone, in vain, with another device, for lack of means? There are many anti-drone rifles to scramble the connection with the operator, it is still necessary to locate the device in the air.

DJI favorites on the front line

The Ukrainian army has been using amateur drones for several years and even has a unit – Aerorozdivka – specializing in the hijacking of these tourist devices to transform them into a weapon of war. The Russian army has followed suit since its invasion.

A Ukrainian drone hijacked to drop mortars. Source: Aerorozdivka

Models from the industry-leading Chinese brand DJI are widely used by both armies today. Even if the group has decided to stop the sale of its products in Russia and Ukraine, the two countries still manage to have the to two countries still manage have them delivered


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