iMessage: Apple is reportedly planning a major update for 2023

Apple’s Messenger has caught up a lot in terms of functions in recent years. A major renovation is planned for 2023.

(Image: oasisamuel /

Apple is reportedly planning a major overhaul of its iMessage app. At least that’s what a Twitter user by the name of Majin Bu claims, who once got it right with predictions about the Stage Manager on the iPad. According to him, the relaunch is linked to Apple’s alleged plans for a mixed-reality headset.

Apple’s Messenger, which was introduced in 2011 with iOS 5, has been significantly improved, especially in recent years. Functions were added with iOS 16 to take back sent messages or change them afterward. However, other messengers have had such features for some time. Apart from small changes, Apple’s iMessage app has not changed significantly from the earlier Messages app for SMS.

According to a tweet, Majin Bu expects a new overview and chat rooms that go beyond the existing group chats and a new kind of augmented reality chat. There should also be the option of integrating video clips – this may mean stories or status messages in the style of WhatsApp.

It seems obvious that Apple is also planning something in terms of chat functions in the event of the release of its headset. After all, the company would thus compete with Meta with its Metaverse, which avowedly wants to create virtual worlds in which the participants can communicate with each other.

On the other hand, what seems unlikely is that Apple will introduce RCS and thus offer a better interface to Android smartphones. This has been repeatedly requested by Google in the past. In a question and answer session, Tim Cook recommended buying an iPhone for family members who cannot be reached via iMessage instead.


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