Microsoft cuts jobs again

Layoffs at Microsoft were already announced in the summer. Now there have been reports of further cuts affecting fewer than 1,000 people.

Software giant Microsoft is reportedly laying off employees. As the US tech magazine Axios reported, citing insiders, the number of those affected was less than 1,000 and ran through several areas of the company. The company confirmed job cuts to US media but did not provide any information on the extent. It remains to be seen whether the cuts will also affect jobs in Germany.

A Microsoft spokesman explained the layoffs to the US broadcaster CNBC because the weakening PC market is also causing sales with the sale of Windows licenses to drop. Like every company, the situation is regularly evaluated, and “structural adjustments are made”. In certain key areas, however, there should also be new hires.

It was already announced in the summer that Microsoft had canceled job advertisements in the cloud and security sectors. A Microsoft spokesman said these cuts would continue for the foreseeable future. According to reports, Microsoft had already put the brakes on in May, especially with new hires for the Windows, Office, and Teams areas. There were also layoffs at the time, just under one percent of the 180,000 employees worldwide had to go.

An increasingly tough market environment, which is characterized by recession worries, high inflation, and reluctance to buy, is also causing problems for other tech giants – and ensures austerity measures in personnel policy. Reports have recently been circulating that chip maker Intel is planning major job cuts that will run into the thousands. The streaming service Netflix had previously announced two rounds of terminations this year. It hit 20 percent of the workforce at Snap and 10 percent at Shopify. Google, Meta, Twitter, and SAP, on the other hand, want to put the brakes on new hires or even suspend them altogether for this year.


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