Windows 10: Microsoft distributes 22H2 update for everyone

After Windows 11 users have already benefited from the 22H2 update, Windows 10 users will also receive the annual feature update.

Microsoft is now distributing the 22H2 feature update for Windows 10 to all users. This means that Windows 10 will receive its annual software facelift just a month after Windows 11. However, more detailed information about the update is hardly available.

The build number is 19045.2130 after the update. Windows Home and Pro users get around 18 months of support until May 14, 2024. The Enterprise Edition, on the other hand, will be supported by Microsoft until May 13, 2025. Windows 10 version 21H2 remains the current long-term service version in the enterprise area, which will be supported until 2027 or for IoT-Enterprise until 2032.

The 22H2 update for Windows 10 has the charm of a surprise egg for children: Microsoft has not yet published any information that would reveal the changes with the update. However, the Windows Release Health list already lists a potential error when installing the update, which goes back to the Secure Boot database and which Microsoft is still investigating.

Still, it’s usually a good idea to keep running software up to date. The update also makes sense for systems that do not receive the Windows 11 update due to hardware that is too old. Users will thus receive support until 2024.

With the general availability now given, Windows 10 should offer the 22H2 update after calling Windows Update and checking for updates. According to Microsoft, the update can be accelerated by installing a so-called “enablement package”; under the older versions of Windows 10 2004 to 21H1 it unlocks the 22H2 update. The feature update can also be downloaded and over-installed with the Windows Media Creation Tool.


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