Apple requires suppliers to be carbon-neutral by 2030

The group wants to accelerate cooperation with suppliers so that they decarbonize. At the same time, Apple wants to invest in more green energy.

Apple solar project in Brown County, Texas. 
(Image: Apple)

Apple is putting pressure on its global supply chain to stop emitting greenhouse gases in the coming years. Apple is calling on the supply chain to achieve “carbon neutrality by 2030.”

The group is thus taking the next steps in trying to make the production of iPhone, Mac, iPad & Co. climate-neutral. There will be close monitoring for this in the future. “The company will assess the work of its key manufacturing partners on the journey to making their operations carbon neutral in the manufacture of Apple products – including running on 100 percent renewable energy – and will track annual progress.” Apple itself has been carbon-neutral since 2020 in the ongoing operation of its worldwide locations – however, this only accounts for a fraction of the total greenhouse gas expenditure of the group’s supply chain.

The demands come from the top down: “The fight against climate change remains one of Apple’s most pressing priorities, and moments like this walk the talk,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. We look forward to furthering cooperation with the suppliers. With its own work, Apple wants to “get the ball rolling that triggers a major change”.

Apple wants to take a kind of carrot-and-stick approach to making its – very broad and deep – supply chain carbon neutral. The aim is to record the entire supply chain and the entire life cycle of each product by 2030. Already, 200 suppliers, who account for 70 percent of Apple’s supply costs, have decided to use renewable forms of energy such as wind and solar for all Apple products. These include Corning, SK Hynix, STMicroelectronics, and TSMC, Apple’s main SoC supplier. The aim was to bring the so-called Clean Energy Program closer to the suppliers with an education program and “live training”, it said.

It remains to be seen to what extent Apple will put the gun on the suppliers’ chests – but the new monitoring should significantly increase the pressure. At the same time, Apple also wants to promote its own green energy projects – the company indirectly operates solar systems, wind power, and biogas – and if necessary make suppliers available.


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