Windows 11 is inspired by one of Apple’s best features

Microsoft will strengthen the link between Windows 11 PCs and Android smartphones.

Since most computers don’t have a 4G or 5G modem, the best way to connect when you don’t have Wifi is to share a smartphone’s mobile data connection with the computer. . And if you’re using a Mac and an iPhone, tethering is made easy.

Indeed, when the two devices are connected to the same identifier, you can go directly to the Wifi settings of your Mac, then choose your iPhone as an access point. In a few clicks, you are connected.

If you use a Windows PC and an Android smartphone, it’s a little more complicated, since the two operating systems do not benefit from the same level of integration as that of the Apple ecosystem. However, Microsoft intends to make your life easier, if you are already on Windows 11.

It will be easier to connect to the mobile network of an Android

Since Microsoft has already abandoned its mobile operating system (the smartphone version of Windows), the Redmond company is trying to make life easier for people who use Windows with Android smartphones (by the way, Microsoft is also a manufacturer of Android smartphones, today).

And precisely, the Redmond company intends to offer Windows users a function similar to that which we have on Mac when connecting to the mobile network of an iPhone. This is in any case what is indicated by an article recently published by the Windows Central site.

According to this, Microsoft has just released a new test version of Windows 11 (Insider, Dev Channel). In addition to fixes, this new release also includes new functionality for Phone Link, Microsoft’s app that links Android smartphones with Windows.

Microsoft is inspired by Apple and offers a function that allows you to connect to the mobile data of a linked smartphone, simply by going to the Wifi panel of Windows 11.

A function reserved for Samsung devices?

For the moment, we do not know when this new feature will be available on the stable version of Windows 11. But when it is available, it is possible that it will only be offered to Samsung users.

Indeed, according to Windows Central, as part of the tests, this new way of connecting to a smartphone hotspot would only work for Samsung smartphones, under version 4.1.1 of the OneUI operating system or later. It is also possible that, later, Microsoft will offer this function for its own smartphone, the Surface Duo.

Although Microsoft’s effort to link Windows and Android smartphones concerns all brands, the Redmond company has a special relationship with Samsung. It is therefore not surprising that this novelty can be reserved for Galaxy devices.

Otherwise, it should also be remembered that on Windows 11, Microsoft offers an Android subsystem that allows you to launch Android applications without installing a third-party emulator. Moreover, Microsoft is currently preparing an update to its subsystem under Android 13.


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