Bosch and IBM rely on quantum computers to research better energy efficiency

Where classic computers reach their limits, Bosch and IBM want to work together with quantum computers to find new materials for electromobility.

Bosch and IBM want to do research together in the field of materials science and rely on quantum computers, the two companies announced. The two companies involved are hoping for new discoveries, mainly in the field of fuel cells, electric drives, and advanced sensor materials.

The partnership describes the announcement by Bosch and IBM as a “strategic quantum computing commitment”. The majority of the research activity is apparently carried out by Bosch: The Stuttgart-based company will have access to IBM’s quantum computers and the cloud quantum SDK “Qiskit Runtime as a service”. Above all, IBM contributes its “expertise in the development of quantum algorithms”, while Bosch contributes its knowledge in the field of materials research.

Specifically, it should be about the application area of ​​electromobility. There, at least according to the two partners, “quantum computers will soon bring a decisive advantage over conventional computers”. After all, new materials are needed in order to be able to meet the growing demands for energy efficiency.

In the development of such substances, quantum computers are superior to classic computers, which “cannot calculate the necessary material properties with sufficient accuracy,” as Bosch has found. However, the first results of the cooperation are promising. It is hoped that not only the development time, but also the costs can be significantly reduced.

At the same time, Bosch is also joining IBM’s Quantum Network. It brings together around 200 companies, research, and educational institutions that are researching industrial applications with the support of quantum computers, including in the areas of finance, chemistry, and AI.


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