Twitter: Musk wants to find boss – but only after restructuring

Twitter needs a new boss. Said Elon Musk. But first, the restructuring. Ex-boss Dorsey has already turned down the post.

Twitter owner Elon Musk intends to invest less time in Twitter. According to Reuters, Musk said this at a hearing before a US court in Delaware in a Tesla case. Accordingly, Musk wants to reorganize the microblogging service this week and then find new management. Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, has already waved it off.

Contradicting these statements is Musk’s later comment in a tweet that he intends to continue running Twitter himself until the company is in a strong position — even if it takes a while. After that, he would then spend less time on Twitter.

Dorsey, who regularly comments on Musk’s controversial behavior on Twitter and sometimes exchanges tweets with him, had already declined to take over the position of CEO at Twitter with a terse “no” in response to a user question in a tweet. It is currently unclear who Musk could imagine as the future Twitter boss.

On Wednesday, Musk caused another stir: In a leaked email, the Twitter boss asked if the employees were willing to be “extreme hardcore”. Otherwise, they will be fired.

Apparently, Tesla shareholders don’t like the fact that Musk has put a lot of his time into the company and its transformation since taking over Twitter. Reuters reports that investors are “increasingly concerned” about this. Musk also sold billions of dollars in stock to fund Twitter. Tesla’s share price has fallen since the beginning of November: from 232.45 euros to 181.42 euros early Thursday morning.


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