Kanye West glorifies Nazis: Right-wing network Parler cancels takeover

While Kanye West/Ye glorifies National Socialists in a television appearance, Parler cancels the planned takeover. The rapper is blocked on Twitter.

The American artist Kanye West – who is now officially called Ye – will not buy the social network Parler, which is particularly popular with right-wing and right-wing extremists. Parler announced this late Thursday, at the same time Kanye West/Ye had a talk show appearance in which he repeatedly glorified the National Socialists and especially Adolf Hitler. However, Parler’s statement states that the decision was made in mid-November to cancel the takeover.

Kanye West/Ye and Parler operator Parlement Technologies announced the planned takeover in mid-October, and the deal was actually supposed to be completed this year. There was no further information, such as the purchase price. In the weeks that followed, Elon Musk then took over Twitter and released Kanye West/Ye’s account there, after it had previously been blocked for anti-Semitic statements. Because West/Ye has now shared a picture of a swastika in a Star of David, Twitter has blocked him again, Musk said. Among other things, West/Ye stated on Thursday that he didn’t like the word “evil” in connection with Nazis, he loved them.

Parler describes itself as a platform for free speech; The new Twitter boss Elon Musk also claims that it is in danger. Parler is a counter-offer to the usual social networks, which, however, take much more action against false information, racism, and hate speech – which Twitter has recently refrained from doing. During and after the 2020 US presidential election, the network saw a surge of activity, with supporters of Donald Trump flocking here as his false voter fraud allegations were not deleted here. Trump’s wife Melania announced in February that she would make Parler her “social media home,” but her husband continues to use his own Twitter alternative called “Truth Social.”


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