Twitter abruptly disbands Trust & Safety Council, Musk attacks ex-employee

There is no peace on Twitter: a committee that was supposed to give tips for improving the platform has now been dissolved. Elon Musk is harshly criticized.

Shortly before a meeting, Twitter dissolved the Trust & Safety Council, which was supposed to provide an external perspective on dealing with hate, child abuse, and self-harm, among other things. As the AP news agency reports, the dissolution took place via email shortly before a meeting of the panel scheduled for Monday. The message said that under new boss Elon Musk, Twitter was reassessing how external insights could be brought in. The council is “not the best structure to do that”. The work to make Twitter a safe and informative place will be done “faster and more aggressively.”

The Trust & Safety Council on Twitter was set up in 2016. The committee should help users to continue to “feel safe”. A total of 100 independent representatives of civil rights, human rights, and other groups were involved on a voluntary basis. They should advise the social network on how to better tackle hate and insults, the exploitation of children, and, for example, how to prevent suicide. The board had no decision-making authority. Council member Alex Holmes tweeted that the volunteer work was done in their free time, and everyone was committed to healthy, diverse, and safe conversations on Twitter. The manner of the end is”

The dissolution of the body now comes a few days after three members of the body had publicly declared their resignation over the weekend and had subsequently become the target of hostilities. This even included new Twitter boss Elon Musk, who tweeted that “it is a crime that they have refused to act against child exploitation for years”. Remaining Council members have sent an email complaining about the false allegations, warning that it puts former and current Council members at risk, the AP writes.

At the same time, it became known on Monday that the manager who was formerly responsible for trust and safety at Twitter had to leave his apartment because of threats. After Elon Musk’s takeover, Yoel Roth initially continued to work for the group. However, he later resigned, drawing criticism from Musk. Musk commented on several tweets over the weekend and at least implicitly accused the gay Roth of being close to pedophilia. This attack pattern is not new, in 2018 Musk had unfoundedly defamed a British diver as a pedophile. Roth, who was caught in the crossfire in the course of the “Twitter files”, has now had to flee his apartment following the allegations, reports CNN.

Meanwhile, the new Twitter boss shared a slogan of the conspiracy theory and terrorist QAnon movement in a tweet. The somewhat abbreviated request to “follow the white rabbit” is now understood online as a request to deal with the crude claims of the movement and dates back to the early days of QAnon. In terms of content, however, the phrase is older and Musk claims in a follow-up tweet that he was referring to the film “The Knights of the Coconut”. However, he does not specify the context in which this should have happened.

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