Twitter reveals the number of tweets viewed, shows stock exchange and crypto prices

Access numbers to individual tweets are intended to demonstrate the popularity of Twitter. Search now shows stock and crypto quotes.

For what period of time the curve is intended remains Twitter’s secret. (Image: Screenshot/Daniel AJ Sokolov)

Twitter has introduced some new features. For example, entering the short symbol of companies listed on certain stock exchanges or cryptocurrencies will display a price chart. In addition, Twitter is gradually rolling out the display of the number of views of individual tweets, similar to what is already happening with videos. Elon Musk wants to show how living things are on Twitter, as he himself explains. Because over 90 percent of users would only read, but not interact.

In the case of your own tweets, it is already displayed how often they were displayed. In addition, tweet statistics can also be opened, in which, for example, impressions, interactions, and link clicks are displayed, should an external link be integrated. The new feature of viewing the number of views of other tweets is not yet available everywhere and will become more widespread over time. According to Twitter support, the overlays can initially be seen on Android and iOS devices, and will soon also be available on the web.

While the call numbers are only appearing gradually, Twitter r has already introduced the display of stock exchange and crypto courses via short symbols. With the $ signs such as $GOOG or $ETH, the current price, today’s fluctuations, and a chart of the price development are displayed, also directly in the Twitter search. However, the diagram is kept minimalistic. It does not show an axis label, so it is unclear what period the displayed price history covers and how high the price fluctuations are.

However, a link to the broker is integrated, with which detailed information on the respective price of the stock or cryptocurrency you are looking for can be viewed. As an app researcher at Twitter explains, Twitter gets the price and chart from the financial service TradingView. Twitter has not yet disclosed what the cooperation with TradingView and Robinhood looks like.

So far, not all short symbols of listed companies have been integrated. For example, if you search for “$ZM” as a symbol for Zoom Video Communication, the provider of the video conferencing software, neither the stock price nor the chart will be displayed. In addition, there are probably still some problems on Twitter with the new feature. For the author of these lines, the course display did not work after a normal login to Twitter, neither in the app nor in the browser, but only when logged out.


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