Russian hackers are already working on ChatGPT

Hackers exchange tips for developing malware using ChatGPT. Russian-based hackers seek to circumvent restrictions around OpenAI’s tool.

The revolutionary potential of ChatGPT is revealed day by day, but it is not good news. The language model driven by OpenAI is also capable of producing code and hackers have taken hold of this tool to start developing malware. On the forums frequented by hackers, topics have been opened to share the results of different programming experiments.

Thus, “stealer” functionalities, to detect and steal files, have been developed and detailed in a post. “This is an infostealer that searches for 12 common file types, such as Office documents, PDFs, and images, across the entire system,” explains researchers from Checkpoint, a company specializing in cyber.

File theft software developed using ChatGPT. // Source: Check Point

Cyber ​​experts have spotted exchanges between Russian hackers about the blocking of the service in Russia in a topic “chat.openia to write malware”. The site is not available in several authoritarian regimes, much to the chagrin of criminals, who share tips for circumventing sanctions. Fraudulent services to create fake numbers or credit card numbers for a few cents are, for example, available online.

A member of a hacker forum asks to circumvent sanctions on OpenAI in Russia. // Source: Checkpoint

“F*cking sanctions” // Source: Check Point

More efficient and more profitable

Sergey Shykevich, Head of Threat Research at Check Point, says in the report “it is not difficult to circumvent OpenAI’s restriction measures in order to access ChatGPT. Right now we are seeing Russian hackers discussing ways to alter geolocation for malicious purposes. We believe that these hackers are most likely trying to implement and test day-to-day criminal operations. Cybercriminals are increasingly interested in ChatGPT because the AI ​​technology can make a hack more efficient while also being more profitable“. 

The development of malware today is just as important as the attack itself. Malicious software is today rented and used by thousands of hackers. Optimizing programming with ChatGPT will only make things easier for many developers.


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