Samsung Galaxy: S23 should be more expensive – basic versions with more memory

Samsung is expected to present its new Galaxy S23 smartphone series on Wednesday. Rumor has it that prices are going up and basic versions have more memory.

Samsung is expected to unveil its new flagship Galaxy S23 smartphone in a few days at the Unpacked event, which the company plans to stream live on February 1. Of course, the innovations that can be expected include technical improvements in many areas, but there is also unpleasant news: the prices for the German market are expected to rise significantly in some cases. Samsung already wants to add at least 100 euros to the basic model – this is reported by Winfuture and refers to an insight into the manufacturer’s official prices for Germany. The basic variants with 128 GB of internal memory are also partially omitted.

According to the Winfuture report, the Samsung Galaxy S23 – if it stays with this name – should cost 949 euros in the basic version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. That would be 100 euros more than the previous version S22 from 2022; with doubled internal memory it should be 1009 euros, so 60 euros more. As usual, the S23+ model has a slightly larger screen than the S23 and is said to cost 1199 euros in the basic configuration of 8/256 GB, i.e. again 100 euros more than the comparable model from last year (which came out in a cheaper basic version with 128 GB of internal memory – this variant is now omitted). If you access the next higher memory configuration of 512 GB with the S23 +, 1319 euros are due – an increase of 120 euros (compared to an increase of 50 euros with the S22 + for an additional 128 GB).

With the top model S23 Ultra in the basic configuration 8/256 GB, buyers should be asked to pay 1399 euros. The predecessor S22 Ultra did not have comparable equipment, because the new model does not have the 128 GB version as an entry-level; However, Samsung charged 1350 euros for an S22 Ultra with 12/256 GB – so a price increase can also be seen here. He should continue to give a top version of the S23 Ultra with 1 TB of internal memory.

There may be a discount for pre-orders, as Winfuture suspects: If you pre-order the respective basic version of a model variant, you should get the next better equipment for your money, i.e. double the internal memory. The live presentation on Wednesday (February 1). There had already been rumors that Samsung would say goodbye to the camera hump in the design of the smartphone and install three separate, protruding camera lenses on the back. With its product presentation, Samsung wants to be big, not messy – instead of simply new products, it will herald a “new era” of “technology”


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