Russian hackers go after Germany for sending Leopard tanks

Groups of Russian hacktivists attacked government and hospital sites in Germany. The impacts are minimal, but the country faces a sharp increase in Russian cyberattacks.

Russian hacktivists are seeing red. Germany declared on January 24, 2023, that it would send modern Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine. Allies with this model could provide tanks to the attacked country. The next day, vengeful hackers decided to launch an operation to disrupt many administrative sites in Germany.

Since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, groups of Russian hacktivists — allegedly backed by the Kremlin — have been attacking the sites of designated enemies of Moscow. Killnet, NoName057, and Anonymous Russia are among the most active collectives. The operation called “Germany RIP” targeted several dozen sites, including those of the government, airports, local police, and even the Berlin hospital. In total, the specialized media Cybernews reports, on January 30, a 35% increase in cyberattacks in Germany, citing an analysis by the company Lupovis.

“This should serve as a warning; Russia is back in retaliatory mode and the threat of attacks on Germany has reached boiling point. Organizations and governments in the region must take advantage of this period to act and work to improve their defenses,” said Lupovis CEO Xavier Bellekens.

These DDOS attacks have little impact on general activity

It should be noted that these are massively denial of service (or DDOS) attacks which are certainly annoying, but whose impact is limited to stopping a site for a few hours at most due to connection saturation. Computer systems remain fully preserved. The spokesperson for the Federal Cybersecurity Agency told AFP: “There are currently no indications of any direct impact on the services concerned and, according to our assessment, no impact is to be expected, if the usual protective measures are taken”. 

Our introduction to the Führer’s servers is complete. Thank you to everyone who participated in our event today! Now it’s time for cyber war against Nazi Germany. With God“!

On Killnet’s Telegram channel, hackers congratulate themselves on this operation and are now launching new attacks on American sites. The United States has also confirmed the shipment of modern Abrams M1 tanks.


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