New Nvidia driver: Second bugfix attempt for high CPU load

The new Nvidia GeForce driver 531.29 WHQL addresses the problem of increased CPU load after ending a game.

Recently, Nvidia GeForce card users have been suffering from a driver error that can cause high CPU load and thus skyrocket electricity bills. Now Nvidia is bringing the third new driver within a short time and promises that the error has been fixed.

On February 28, 2023, the GeForce driver 531.18 WHQL not only brought the support for RTX Video Super Resolution that was announced at the electronics trade fair CES for February but also an annoying bug. After ending a game, an Nvidia container process could cause significantly too high a CPU load and thus put an end to idle power-saving efforts.

The bug was reproducible and Nvidia went straight to troubleshooting, even announcing a hotfix driver. It then came on March 7, 2023, in the form of the 531.26 beta, but continued to cause problems for many users.

The GeForce 531.29 WHQL is now the third driver within 20 days. The CPU load bug can also be found among the fixed problems. Stability problems when using Adobe software should also be a thing of the past. This driver is not error-free either – in the list of open problems, Nvidia states that the Latencymon tool determines an increased latency. This is particularly bad for real-time audio applications.

RTX Video Super Resolution

RTX Video Super Resolution uses AI to prettify low-resolution clips from platforms like Youtube. Sharpness and video clarity benefit from the upscaled resolution, and blocking artifacts are reduced.

The AI ​​upscaling of videos apparently also needs decent performance, according to Nvidia it only works with the current graphics cards of the RTX30 and RTX40 generations. This is surprising because the gaming graphics upscale DLSS also runs on the older RTX20 generation cards.

The required computing power is also noticeable in the power consumption. It jumps up as soon as RTX Video Super Resolution is active, sometimes in the three-digit range at high-quality levels.

RTX Video Super Resolution works in Chrome and Edge browsers.


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