Home office: How Apple is now enforcing the obligation to be present

Apple’s love of the home office was already limited during the Covid lockdowns. According to a media report, the return to presence will be strictly monitored.

According to a media report, Apple has not been impressed by employee protests against its presence policy in the USA and is taking a close look to see whether the employees are really coming to the office. The tech blog Platformer now reports how exactly the company is checking this. Apparently, some employees are still not complying with the requirement. Apple therefore evaluates the digital time stamps on the employee ID cards. As early as 2021, the US company worked to ensure that employees returned to the company for at least three days a week.

US journalist Zoë Schiffer reports that anyone who does not comply could face dismissal in the worst case . Before that, there should be several warnings. Apparently, Apple is not proceeding in a uniform manner throughout the company.

Presence trend in tech companies

The US financial news agency Bloomberg had previously reported on the reviews. There is concern among the employees that those who do not meticulously adhere to the attendance regulations could be affected preferentially by possible job cuts if the difficult economic conditions persist. Unlike many other tech companies in the US, Apple is trying to avoid layoffs by cutting costs.

Apple is no longer alone among tech companies with its stance of bringing employees back to the office. Amazon has also announced a regulation for May that employees should go back to face-to-face work for three days a week. And even Meta, where remote work during the corona lockdowns was seen as a future model for the time after, at least encourages younger employees to show themselves more in the office again.


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