Elon Musk now wants to sell several badges on Twitter

Asked by a user about the absence of affiliate badges on his profile, Elon Musk explained that he was developing a way to be attached to several entities.

It’s hard to miss this information: Elon Musk is banking on a paid model to make Twitter safer (and more profitable for him). For several months, Twitter has been marketing a paid subscription called Twitter Blue, which notably allows you to obtain a blue verification badge, even if it does not require you to verify your identity. Marketed at 9.60 euros per month, Twitter Blue is supposed to be the only way to obtain the blue badge, even if Twitter has not yet retired the historical badges, although it claims to have done so in early April.

There is another way to be verified on Twitter: the “Verification for Organizations” subscription which, for the modest sum of 1,140 euros per month, allows you to certify several accounts for 60 euros each. In addition to the blue badge, it adds a logo corresponding to the paying company next to the name of the user. And soon, it could allow several companies to pay for the same person.

Elon Musk’s exchange on Twitter. // Source: Twitter

Will Elon Musk sell multiple badges?

Will there soon be profiles with multiple badges? This is what Elon Musk suggests when he announces that he is working on multi-verification. In his case, there could be next to the name Elon Musk the Twitter logo, the Tesla logo, and the SpaceX logo. If the economic model does not evolve, then the three companies would each have to pay 1,140 euros per month, then 60 euros on behalf of Elon Musk. For three small badges, Twitter would then earn 3,600 euros. Who said easy money doesn’t exist?

Adding multiple logos to a profile also opens the door to other possibilities. Is it completely impossible to imagine Twitter selling special badges at certain events to earn money? Nothing prevents it.

In this example, Real Madrid paid for an organization’s subscription and then certified each of their players. However, it is possible that Twitter offered him this possibility for free, to promote his service.

In the meantime, Elon Musk’s conversation with DogeDesigner, an account which, as its name suggests, is rather partisan to him, made him want to get affiliated with the Twitter account. Elon Musk now has the bird logo next to his name, until he can add additional badges. We can only hope that the logos do not become too numerous.


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