Tesla is sued for breach of privacy

The owner of a Model Y took legal action to attack Tesla, under the background of violation of privacy. Several employees of the manufacturer have viewed and shared images captured by the cars, for the simple purpose of entertainment.

This is an embarrassing affair for Tesla and it will not go unanswered. Several employees of the company have admitted to having used images captured by the cameras of the cars for the purpose of entertainment. It didn’t take long for the courts to get involved. As Reuters reports in an April 8 article, the owner of a Model Y sued Tesla for breach of privacy.

The goal of Henry Yeh, who lives in San Francisco, is to create a class action lawsuit, which would encourage others in his case to take action against the builder. “Like anyone, Mr. Yeh is outraged by the idea that the Tesla cameras could be used to violate his family’s privacy, which the California Constitution protects,” said Jack Fitzgerald, the victim’s attorney.” 

Tesla has already been targeted by justice for the case of private images

The potential class action lawsuit concerns everyone who has acquired or leased a Tesla in the past four years. The employees who testified admitted having had access to very intimate footage (including nudity). “We could see the children,” also indicated a former employee in the columns of Reuters. However, the law is designed to ensure the confidentiality of data and respect for private life, especially when it comes to children. Even Elon Musk was not spared this voyeurism, since his garage ended up in the files viewed.

“Tesla must be held accountable for these invasive actions and for its lax privacy policy,” said Jack Fitzgerald. Everything suggests that this legal action will go beyond the simple individual framework to become a subject of greater magnitude. The goal is to condemn Tesla’s practices regarding the use of images recorded by its cars. The latter is equipped with multiple cameras, both outside and inside. When stationary, they can visualize everything that is happening around them, for example in a garage – a living space like any other.

Normally, cameras in Tesla cars are a way to improve functionality (e.g. Sentinel Mode), driving, and driver aids (Autopilot). The data they record should not be misused for personal purposes, which employees have done for fun – including creating memes. To protect yourself from these deplorable misappropriations, it is possible to deactivate data sharing with Tesla.


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