Twitter introduces a one-click payment feature for article retrieval

In the future, Elon Musk wants to offer publishers the opportunity to place longer individual articles behind an easy-to-use payment barrier via Twitter.

Elon Musk has announced a new function via Twitter for May that publishers can use to postpaid content on the platform. “Users who don’t pay for a monthly subscription can access a casual item for an increased unit price,” Musk said. The function is to be seamlessly integrated into the Twitter app so that interested parties can reach their destination with a single click.

Improve Twitter earnings

Musk announced on Friday that Twitter would withhold 10 percent of revenue from content subscriptions processed through the platform, the Guardian said in its online edition. In the first year, Twitter will therefore forego this income, so that it would go completely to the content providers.

Musk is trying to improve Twitter revenue with the single-view function that has now been added after advertising revenue collapsed in the course of last year’s bumpy takeover. Since then, Twitter has not calmed down. Just recently, a Microsoft platform that advertisers use to manage activities on online services withdrew support from Twitter.


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