An AI “which tries to kill you as soon as it can”: Tesla crushed by the co-founder of Apple

Asked about AI, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, did not go out of his way about Tesla and the catastrophic way in which autonomous driving seeks to kill its users.

Can an AI seek to kill us? It is yes according to Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, specifically targeting the one developed by Tesla for autonomous driving. In a television interview broadcast on CNN on May 3, the person concerned was quite offensive against Tesla and painted an unflattering portrait of Elon Musk.

Still, the original question was just about whether he had ever chatted with Elon Musk. But if the beginning of the response seems quite favorable, criticism of the methods used by Tesla arrives fairly quickly.

For him, the Tesla autonomous driving AI wants to kill people outright

Steve Wozniak probably has some resentment against the American automaker, or simply against his whimsical boss. To the point of throwing a hell of a stone into the water when he says live on TV: “I really believed in these possibilities, while we are very far from reality. And if you want a glaring example of an AI messing around, claiming everything and its opposite, and trying to kill you at the slightest opportunity, buy a Tesla“.  

Interview with Steve Wozniak on CNN. // Source: CNN video capture

It’s hard to tell if his words are a little ironic or if he really aims to hit where it hurts. As the Electrek media recalls, Steve Wozniak bought a Tesla Model S shortly after its launch in the United States, in 2013. He, therefore, knows the brand’s products well, having used them for several years. Despite his purchase, the co-founder of Apple confides that he never had the opportunity to discuss with Elon Musk. After this interview, one can doubt that it can happen one day between the two men.

Steve Wozniak particularly disappointed by the promises of autonomous driving

At the time, he said in his CNN interview, he was seduced by Elon Musk’s speech about autonomous driving: “I believed what he said: that a car would cross the country itself by the end of 2016.”

Elon Musk presenting the Model S. // Source: Tesla video capture

Except that, like many owners and observers, he quickly realizes that the deadlines announced by Elon Musk are always postponed. Each time you have to wait for a model to come is even more advanced than the previous one. Even if today the brand prides itself on having autonomous driving superior to that of others, the reality on the ground is quite different.

However, not everything is negative in the comments he made in relation to Tesla: “I admire certain things he has done for the world, by making us evolve towards electric cars“. Steve Wozniak has since changed his electric car: he switched to one of Tesla’s competitors by opting for a Lucid Air in 2022.

Slightly exaggerated remarks

He’s not the first, and probably not the last, to speak out against Elon’s self-driving promises. One of Tesla’s founders also strongly criticized Elon Musk’s obsession with this subject, to the point of forgetting the main interest of his electric cars.

Steve Wozniak’s remarks remain rather excessive. Despite the spectacular accidents caused by Teslas, investigations have regularly shown that the system (the AI) was only exceptionally faulty. If it is possible to doubt it, human negligence is more often cited as the cause of these accidents (sometimes fatal). That doesn’t mean Tesla’s FSD driving system doesn’t have issues with the way it handles the open road. Successive updates show a lot of progress in this area, but not enough to blindly trust the capabilities of the AI ​​developed by Tesla.


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