Drone attack damages Russian intelligence building in Belgorod

Two drone attacks against official buildings in Belgorod, a Russian city not far from Ukraine, have been recorded by Russian propaganda media.

The war also settles in Russia. On the night of May 22 to 23, two drones hit administrative buildings in the city of Belgorod, a Russian town near the border with Ukraine. The first device would have exploded against a building belonging to the FBS, the Russian intelligence service, the second on an annex of the Ministry of the Interior, causing a fire. Firefighters and paramedics were dispatched. Belgorod Region Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov confirmed the attack on his Telegram channel.

A new method of sabotage

The model of the drones is not specified, but the latter “would have dropped an explosive” – according to the testimonies on Telegram – against the buildings, suggesting that they are modified commercial drones. A method massively used by the Ukrainian army since the total invasion of the country.

The roof of a burning building on May 23 in Belgorod. // Source: Sota/Twitter

Tourist drones have a range of about ten kilometers generally, twenty for the most efficient. The attack would therefore have been perpetrated from the city or its surroundings. These operations also create a state of anxiety and change the methods of the saboteurs. Belarusian resistance fighters had attacked Russian planes at a military airport in the same way.

The Belgorod region has been the target since Monday, May 22 of an incursion by armed fighters from Ukraine, which left eight injured. The soldiers claim to belong to the “Freedom Legion for Russia” battalion, a group opposing the Kremlin, attached to Ukraine. This operation forced the Russian power to decree an anti-terrorist regime and to evacuate civilians to try to repel this new attack on its soil.

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