Samsung launches the 990 PRO: its best NVMe SSD… in PCI Express 4.0

And if the South Korean manufacturer waited a few more months to orient its SSDs to PCI Express 5.0?

While renowned companies such as Corsair and Gigabyte have talked about their first PCI Express 5.0 standard SSDs, Samsung has been at the heart of a strange imbroglio that it is now clearing up very clearly.

The perfect choice for avid gamers

Remember, only a few days ago, on a listing of PCI-SIG, the consortium in charge of PCI Express standard specifications, we could note the mention of the Samsung 990 PRO within the PCI standard SSD category Express 5.0.

© Samsung

The ace. Not even a week later, what must have been an unfortunate mistake by a trainee who was perhaps a little overzealous was corrected and the already famous 990 PRO changed category to join the much less trendy PCI Express 4.0.

© Samsung

Today, Samsung confirms this modification and formalizes the release of the 990 PRO which it presents as its new reference, an SSD “offering an optimal balance between speed, energy efficiency, and reliability, the ideal choice for passionate gamers and professionals”.

Up 55% compared to the 980 PRO

Beyond the marketing superlatives, we will rather remember from Samsung’s press release that the South Korean is using a ” new proprietary controller ” on the 990 PRO. A controller that therefore changes from the Samsung Elpis used on the 980 PRO, but we won’t know more.

© Samsung

Samsung specifies that its SSD is able to reach speeds of 7.45 GB/s in sequential read and 6.9 GB/s in sequential write. He adds that in random read and random write, you have to count with 1,400K IOPS and 1,550K IOPS respectively, an improvement of around 55% compared to what the 980 PRO could offer.

© Samsung

The manufacturer also specifies that its new controller allows a marked improvement in the energy efficiency of the SSD, which is 50% more efficient than the 980 PRO. To fight against overheating, a conductive label is provided, but a version of the SSD will also be sold with a heat sink equipped with RGB LEDs.

Samsung mentions marketing from October and advances the suggested prices (MSRP) of 189.90 € for the 1 TB version and 359.90 € for the 2 TB model. The third version of 4 TB will be released a little late in the year.


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